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Cremation Services in Reading, PA

Five Benefits of Cremation Services in Reading, PA

When it comes to planning your estate or final wishes, you have a few options. Reading PA cremation is just one of those options. Cremation is a popular choice for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of this service.

Saves Money

One of the reasons many people choose cremation over a burial is also one of the most obvious benefits of this option. Cremation services are an affordable option for anyone who is one a budget, doesn’t have a life insurance policy that covers final expenses or simply doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a funeral. Cremation services do not require any chemicals or embalming fluid, which helps keep the cost low. These services can also be tweaked to be as personal as desired, so you can be sure your loved one still get the memorial service they deserve.


Cremation services are a convenient option, which is another reason many people prefer cremation. Many people do not have the time for a traditional burial. This is especially common for people who have loved ones who live out of town and have limited time for travel arrangements. A cremation can be scheduled fast and the entire process can be completed in just a few days. This still gives the family time to plan for a memorial service and decide who will be responsible for the remains once the cremation is complete.


Choosing the proper cremation plan means fewer decisions and a more straightforward approach. Cremation is simple so there is no need to plan any details. You don’t have to worry about the casket, grave lining, finding a plot, and choosing the right flowers, and clothing for the deceased. Because none of these things are necessary for cremation, you do not have to make a lot of decisions. You can still choose to have a ceremony and incorporate some of the traditional aspects of a funeral while still using cremation services.

Go-Green Option

For those who care about the environment or have gone green to help cut down on pollution and waste. Since cremation doesn’t require chemicals and requires less land use, it’s a better option for the environment. Those who choose cremation can still be buried but may be able to use a small plot. Ashes can also be entombed instead of buried. Many people choose cremation because they feel it is the right way to leave the world and will cause the least amount of damage to the planet.


Although most people think of burials when they think of traditional funerals, you can still choose cremations and have traditional services. The urn with ashes can be displayed at a memorial service much like the body of the deceased. Family members can still pay their respects and you can even choose to have flowers, music, and religious services if desired.

If you are thinking about cremation services in Reading, PA, stop by the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home and learn about your options. We are located at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. You can also call us at (610) 374-0962.

Funeral homes in Reading, PA

How Funeral Homes in Reading, PA Can Help You Plan A Funeral on A Budget

Many people are intimidated by the thought of planning a funeral because they are afraid it may be too expensive. While funerals can be costly, there are ways to plan a service on a budget. Funeral homes in Reading, PA can help you put your loved on to rest without causing you to go in debt or spend more than you can afford. Everyone deserves a proper funeral, and it is possible to plan one no matter what your budget.

Advanced Planning

One way you can keep funeral costs low is to plan them in advance. Whether you are planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one, the sooner you get those plans arranged, the sooner you can start paying on them. This gives you a head start, and many people are able to have their funerals paid in full before they or a loved one passes away. Advanced planning is a good way to lock in low rates so no matter how prices go up in the years leading up to the actual funeral, the cost won’t increase. It also allows you to have more control over your final wishes.

Cremation Services

Some of the most expensive aspects of a funeral can be avoided with cremation services. Traditional burials require the purchase of a burial plot, a casket, headstone, and the embalming process. Cremation is a more straightforward process that is quicker and more affordable. The body doesn’t’ have to be embalmed before cremation so there’s no cost for chemicals or embalming fluid. While family members are free to have a memorial service and even a burial with cremation, they also have the ability to choose an urn instead.


If you are not able to pay for your funeral or a loved one’s on your own, there is a good chance family members and friends are willing to help. You can ask for donations to the funeral home instead of flowers or in general. Many people want to help and don’t know where to send the money. The funeral home can accept the donations and put them towards the funeral costs so you or your family have less to worry about while grieving and planning other arrangements.

If you are working on estate planning or need to plan the funeral of a loved one, you may be looking for funeral homes in Reading, PA. The Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home is happy to help you plan your funeral on a budget. Give us a call today at (610) 374-0962. You can also stop by and talk to us in person at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. We understand that planning a funeral is important and often stressful, but we strive to make it as easy as possible. If you are on a budget, we can offer several options to help you give your loved ones a peaceful, final resting spot that you can afford.

cremation services in Reading, PA

5 Reasons to Consider Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home’s Cremation Services in Reading, PA

When it comes to planning a funeral for yourself or your loved ones, you have several options. One of those options is cremation. Our Reading, PA cremations are ideal for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward process. You and your family can learn about your services and decide together if it’s the right option.

More Affordable

Funerals can be expensive but if you are looking for an affordable way to lay your loved one to rest, cremation is a good option. Cremation doesn’t require any embalming fluid or chemicals, which helps keep the cost down. It’s a more straightforward option that still gives family members the option of a personal experience.

Less Invasive

Some people like the idea of cremation because it’s a less invasive option. Burials require specific chemicals and processes and a lot more planning. Family members choose how their loved ones are dressed, how their hair is styled, and whether or not they wear makeup. Cremation is much faster and simpler and requires less input from the deceased’s family.

Many Options

While cremation services are simpler, that doesn’t; mean memorial services aren’t an option. After cremation, the ashes of a loved one are released to family members who may choose to have a traditional funeral memorial service at the funeral home or another area of their choosing. The ashes can be displayed respectfully so visitors can still show their respects and give their last goodbyes. Families can work with the funeral home to plan the service as desired.

Better for the Environment

Since cremation doesn’t require any embalming fluid or chemicals to be used, it’s a better option for the environments. If the cremation takes place soon enough, there is no need to preserve the body. Many people prefer a more natural process and take pride in knowing that their passing will be natural and quick. Cremation is also ideal for those who live a chemical-free lifestyle and would like to continue to remain chemical-free after their passing.

More Freedom

Many people appreciate the simplicity of a burial and putting their loved on at rest in the family plot or another burial location. Others know that their loved one would prefer something less traditional and may even have wanted their ashes spread in a certain place or places. Cremation allows the family to choose how their deceased loved one’s ashes are handled. They can be taken home, added to an urn or even divided and split into several urns so that each family member can always keep their loved one with them.

If you are considering cremations services, give us a call at the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. You can reach us by phone at (610) 374-0962. You can also stop by the funeral home at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. We can explain the cremation facts and help you decide if it is right for you. We are here for all types of cremation services in Reading, PA.

Funeral Homes in Reading, PA

How Whelan Schwartz Funeral Homes in Reading, PA Can Help with Advance Funeral Planning

Thinking about your funeral can be a little intimidating but planning it in advance is a responsible thing to do. When you pass away, your family not only has to grieve your loss, they also have to find time to make funeral arrangements, pick out a coffin, choose the right flowers, and decide what music will play in your memory. That’s a lot to take on in the midst of losing someone you love. You can make it easier for them by planning your arrangements yourself. Whelan Schwartz Funeral Homes in Reading, PA can help you plan out the details of your funeral so when you pass, your family can have more time to comfort each other in their time of grief.


When you plan your funeral in advance, you have the option to pay for it ahead of time too. You can choose to make payments on it until the time comes, or you may make arrangements to have the total paid in full at the time of your passing. If your loved ones will be paying for your funeral, they have the same options. Many people choose to make their funeral arrangements as part of their estate planning so they can be sure that all their financial affairs are in order. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance also allows you to lock in low prices so you don’t have to worry about the economy affecting those prices in the future.

Final Wishes

Taking the time to plan your own funeral service gives you control over it. People who don’t plan their own funerals usually leave the details up to their family members. While some people are okay with this, others may prefer a little control themselves. Whether you want to pick out your own coffin, flowers, or decide what music will be played at the service, we can help you plan out all the details. You can also include your loved ones in your plans to ensure that the service meets their wishes and needs as well.

Peace of Mind

The last thing you want weighing on your mind is whether or not your funeral expenses and plans will feel like a burden to your family. When you plan your funeral in advance, you can live with the peace of mind in knowing that your family has less to stress and worry about when you pass. This also gives your family more time to grieve and comfort each other instead of worrying about funding and planning a funeral service. Your family will appreciate that you took the initiative to make these plans for them.

If you are ready to make advanced funeral plans, Whelan Schwartz Funeral Homes in Reading, PA can help. Give us a call today at (610) 374-0962. We are located at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind in knowing that your funeral has been planned to both your likings.