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Do Cremation Services Aid Grieving?

Funerals are events that have taken place in some form or another for centuries. There are ancient burial sites all over the world that show funeral processes have always been important to the life cycle. Funerals can actually be very important to the grieving process, but what if your loved one goes through cremation in Reading, PA instead?

Cremation doesn’t exclude funeral services. Funerals can be held before cremation takes place, or, you can have memorial services after cremation. There are benefits to holding some kind of service or another as they can help you move on with your life into a new sense of normality.

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Celebrate A Life Well Lived

Memorial services are a way to remember a life and celebrate that person for who they were. Families come together, recognize their loved one’s life, and notice how that person has left things behind in those family members. Funerals and memorial services are a good way to honor a person who has passed away while recognizing that they have left bits of their personality and possibly even their DNA behind in others.

Acknowledge The Loss

Sometimes, part of grief is going through denial and it can be a very dangerous stage. Funeral services help family members get over their denial and recognize that the person really is gone and isn’t coming back. It makes the loss real, which helps people get beyond some of the early grief stages.

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Comfort In Traditions

Many families have traditions in the way they hold services for their loved ones and there can be a comfort in that. These traditions are often meaningful to the family as well as predictable. The process can help people get past their shock over the death and move forward into the future without the person who has passed on.

Tight Family Support

Not every family lives close to one another and gets together all of the time, but when there’s a death in the family, people often pull together. Funerals or memorial services are a good time for families to reach out and truly support one another. The community portion of the grieving process makes everyone feel as if they are not alone in their pain.

These are just a few of the things that having a Reading, PA cremation service can do for family members who go on after someone they love has passed on. If you are trying to decide whether or not to have a service for a loved one, speak to a professional at Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home and go over the options. We understand that this is a hard time in your life and we won’t pressure you into anything at all. These decisions are completely yours to make. We simply want you to have the details you need to make informed choices for the good of your family. Give us a call at (610) 374-0962 and set up a time to speak with our funeral director in person. We’re located at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601.