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Getting Through The Holidays After The Death Of A Loved One

It’s hard to get through the holidays when you have lost a love done and miss having them with you. You can still carry on your loved one’s memory with the things you do to celebrate. You don’t just want to dwell on their loss, you want to find ways to remember your loved one for all the things they loved about the holiday and find a way to keep their memory alive. You can discuss your options with other family members to make a plan for after you leave funeral homes West Reading, PA. 


You can add a decoration to your tree in memory of your cherished one. You can cause the whole tree to be devoted to their memory or you can pick something simple such as an ornament and use it You can make the trimmings or purchase them  to pay tribute to your deceased loved one and in the end make it so your whole tree is dedicated to your loved one’s memory. You can even make a tree that is designed just for them.  

Beautify The Headstone  

You can decorate your loved one’s gravestone for these special seasons and ensure they aren’t overlooked There are various ways you can do this and one of them by utilizing normal seasonal embellishments. You can use flowers and other decoration that help you to remember the special season and convey a theme that will work pleasantly also. You can even enhance the tombstone with some of the same decorations you use for your own home and trees. This will assist you with feeling like you are yet carrying on the memory of your loved one and making them a piece of your celebration.  

funeral homes West Reading, PA

Family Gatherings  

If you are wanting to get along with relatives for these special seasons, you can do it and still remember the life of your deceased relative. You can welcome relatives and companions to your home for the holiday and share memories and stories of the deceased. This can be a nice method to enable each other to get past the special seasons without your cherished one. You can alternate sharing photographs and stories about the perished as an approach to feel like they are still living on with you and that their memory is alive. 

If you have lost a friend or family member and you need some assistance planning your holiday celebration make certain to remember the above tips and ideas. They may assist you with figuring out how to remember your deceased loved one of a positive way and help make the holiday seasons more endurable and even agreeable once more. In the event that you need assistance arranging services at funeral homes West Reading, PA, make certain to contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your planning needs, and we will help make the memorial service planning process as straightforward as could be expected for you. Stop by or call us to find out additional information.