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How Can I Get Help Paying For Cremation Services In Reading, PA

While cremation is a great option for many people because it is affordable, some people still have trouble paying for it. If you are tapped out and need some help paying for cremation services in Reading, PA. There are some options for getting help, so you will still be able to give your loved one the cremation service they deserve. If you are struggling to pay for the funeral and need some financial help, be sure to consider some of these options.

Community Fundraisers

If the people in your community know that you are struggling to come up with a way to pay for the cremation of a loved one, they will often come together to help. They may choose to hose dinners, banquets, or other types of fundraisers where the public pays for food or other things and that money can be used to pay for the cremation service. These fundraisers are usually arranged by the friends of the family or even a church or organization that knows the deceased or their family.

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Crowdfunding is used by a lot of people to help them pay for big expenses. When you use crowdfunding, you are asking people to donate money to you. The point is to get a lot of people to donate so that even a small amount can go a long way. You can do crowdfunding online so it can reach a lot of people and help you raise the money you need quickly. You can choose to set up the crowdfunding account yourself or a friend can set it up for you and make sure you get the money for the funeral when it comes time to pay for it.

State Benefits

In the event that you don’t have enough money to cover a cremation service, the state may pay for it or some of the costs. You will need to apply for these benefits and in most cases, they only cover the costs of a very basic cremation or funeral. If you need help seeing if you qualify for these benefits or applying for them, you can reach out to the funeral home or crematory where you are planning to have the service to see if they can connect you with the right agency or help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you are ready to plan cremation services in Reading, PA but are struggling to be able to pay for them, you do have some options. Cremation is an affordable option, but that doesn’t mean it’s affordable to everyone. If you need help paying for the service, there is help available. When it comes time to plan a cremation, you should reach out to the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our services or to find help paying for your cremation.