Reading, PA cremations

How Can You Choose Reading, PA Cremations?

Traditional funerals are very expensive, with costs averaging about $7,000 in the United States. For this reason, cremations have become more popular since early 2000s. Between 2002 and 2017, the national cremation rate has doubled, and Reading, PA cremations have followed along with that trend. However, if you’ve decided to plan for a cremation in the aftermath of a death, or if you’re just thinking about it, where should you turn to? How can you choose a proper crematory?

There are three basic ways that you can arrange for a cremation. While all three will provide the same product, it might be best for you to choose the provider which most closely aligns with the kind of funeral you and your family might wish to have.

If you’ve decided to seek a traditional funeral ceremony before the body of the deceased is cremated, it might be wise for you to contact a proper funeral home. Most funeral homes do cremations. The staff can walk you through the process of the funeral itself and then the cremation afterwards. Each expense will be transparently detailed to you, as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you decide to have a cremation that follows a funeral service at a traditional funeral home, you won’t need to purchase a casket, but can instead rent one only for the ceremony. The cremation of the body can occur in a simple wooden container.

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If you prefer to not have a funeral service before the actual cremation itself, you may be looking for a direct cremation, where the body is cremated shortly after death. For this purpose, you may prefer to go to a cremation society, which specializes in cremations. It’s worth noting that cremation societies can help you plan with a memorial service if you seek additional funerary procedures. You need not eschew a cremation society if you plan on something other than a direct cremation.

The third kind of cremation provider is an online arrangement company. However, you need to be aware that these arrangement services aren’t available in all localities and are the least personal of the three options. They’re the least expensive choice, and are staffed with licensed funeral directors, but if you’re looking for personalized, empathetic service, one of the other options may be superior. You should never choose a cremation provider based solely on the price! You need to do the proper due diligence on your provider’s reputation before you enter any kind of arrangement.

You should also always consult with a licensed funeral director before you move forward on Reading, PA cremations. If you have any questions about your cremation options, please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Bean of the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. With decades of experience in serving Pennsylvania families at this vulnerable time, he’ll answer whatever questions you have with caring and professionalism. You can contact him by calling (610) 374-0962. The Whelan Schwartz Home can be found at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601.