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How To Plan A Funeral Service With A Halloween Theme

Halloween is a holiday that is often associated with death, but you can also host holiday-centric funeral services at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA. If your deceased loved one likes Halloween parties or is interested in the whole season, this might be a good choice. This is a great way to add your favorite holidays to the service and make them more special. You can also add a personal touch to the services of your loved ones. If you are planning a funeral service and need help adding a Halloween theme, be sure to keep some of these tips in mind.


Many people like to include color in their funeral services, and if you are looking for a way to add a Halloween theme to the services of your loved one, you may want to focus on adding colors that are relevant to the season. Black, orange, green, yellow, purple, and brown are all commonly used. You can use these colors for flowers or small details, such as order linings or ribbons and other small details. Color is one of the easiest ways to highlight the theme of the funeral service, and the color can be subtle if needed.

Cemetery Decor

If you cannot use Halloween colors and themes in the funeral, you can still choose to use them in the cemetery. Many people decorate tombstones after their deceased relatives are buried. You can easily add Halloween decorations to the cemetery or something else that can handle the details of the holiday. You can decorate tombstones for Halloween, or you can keep these decorations throughout the year to keep the theme developing. You can also encourage others to decorate tombstones for Halloween or any other holiday of their choice.


If you wish, you can add decorations to the funeral service at any time. There are many ways tofuneral homes in Muhlenberg Township PA do it. You can add decorations directly related to Halloween, or just focus on autumn and use items such as leaves and pumpkins to make the service gentler. You can choose a variety of ways to design the theme of the service and make it particularly suitable for your loved ones. You may decide that you don’t want to use a lot of Halloween decorations, you can find other things that are equally effective and still convey the theme of the service you want. You have a lot of options for planning a funeral so take your time and do it how you want it.

If you plan to host a funeral service for your loved one at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA, and you need to find a way to add Halloween details to them, be sure to keep in mind some of the above tips and suggestions. If you are ready to make a plan and need help organizing services, be sure to contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are here to help you meet all your funeral planning needs. Call us to learn more about our services.