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How To Prepare Children To Attend Funeral Homes in Reading, PA

Funerals are difficult for adults and can be even harder for children to deal with and understand. Many people struggle with the decision on whether or not they should allow their children to attend services at funeral homes in Reading, PA. Some fear their children will misbehave or will be scared at the sight of the body. The right option depends on your views and feelings as well as your child’s age and personality. If you do decide to bring your child to a funeral, here are some tips for preparing them.


The best way to prepare a child for a funeral is to give them a clear understanding of what they should expect. Let them know that they might see when they arrive, where they can go if they need a break, and how to talk to people and deal with all the emotions in the room. If the child is old enough, ask them if they feel comfortable attending the funeral. You can also ask them if there is anything they want to know, are worried about, or don’t understand about a funeral service or death. Children handle situations better when they understand them.

Emotional Support

You can expect your child to feel emotional during a funeral. Children often pick up on the feelings of those around them. If they knew the person and were close to them, they may be grieving and have a hard time processing or understanding their feelings. Even if they didn’t know the person, they may still notice all the sadness and emotions in the room and respond to them. Make it a point to be there for your child if they are feeling emotional. Don’t leave them alone or assume they don’t feel the sadness of a loss. Children need more emotional support than adults, even when they don’t express their sadness.


If you are worried that your child may misbehave at a funeral, you should set some rules before you go. Be sure to explain to the child that what is and isn’t allowed. Even if your child is usually well-behaved, when they are in a new situation and setting, they may be more likely to act out and misbehave, Explaining what type of behavior is allowed and which isn’t will help your child know what is expected of him or her and be more likely to behave. Remember to encourage your child to talk to you if they need to step out or are feeling overwhelmed to avoid tantrums or behavior issues during the service.

Many people choose to bring their children to services at funeral homes in Reading, PA. Children have a right to attend the funeral of a loved one or friend, but they may require some preparations beforehand to ensure they are able to understand and handle everything that will take place. If you need help preparing your child for a funeral or are ready to plan a funeral, call the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home at (610) 374-0962. You can also stop by our office at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601.