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How To Use Shells In Funeral Services

If you want to organize funeral services for your deceased relatives at funeral homes in West Reading, PA, you can choose to use special decorations in the decoration or specify a theme for the funeral. You can choose to keep it simple or provide any design you want for the funeral. If you want to figure out how to add shells to the service, you have many different options. When making a funeral plan with a beach or seaside theme, please keep the following points in mind.


If you want to add a seaside design to the funeral, but don’t want to use a lot of shells, you can get the same effect by adding shell photos and other pictures. You can even use a photo of a seashell collection by your loved one or a photo from the seashell collection. You can also add other photos and artwork from the beach. These things can be displayed near the coffin for all respected people to view, and can set the tone of the service.


Many people choose to use candles at funerals. Low light helps to make the service more comfortable, and many people associate candles with funeral services. You can use candles as a way to use shells in your service. You can tie the shell to the ribbon, and then tie the ribbon to the candle. You can also melt the top of the candles and add small shells to them. When the wax hardens, the shell will stick to the candle and give it a kind of coastal air. You may choose to use artificial candles if you prefer or you can use real ones and not light them to keep things safe and within fire code.


Most people choose to send flowers during services. Some people even buy largefuneral homes in West Reading, PA arrangements and put them on top of the coffin. If you want to add shells to your flower arrangement, you can glue them to ribbons and then wrap them around the stems of flat shoes. You can also choose to stick the shell directly on the petals for a unique look. You can also coordinate the color of the flowers with the color of the beach to make them fit together well. You can also tell others that you plan to give the funeral a seaside theme so that they can also find flowers that match it.

When you plan to host a funeral service at funeral homes in West Reading, PA and want to add a shell or beach theme to the service, you have many options. The above tips and suggestions are just some to keep in mind when making a plan. If you need help making a plan, be sure to contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are here to help answer any questions you may have and promote your plans. Call us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you make plans.