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Making A Closed Coffin Serve More Personal

There are times when open coffins aren’t practical. Various reasons can necessitate the use of closed coffins. The services are available from time to time, but they are rarely as popular as they could be since they are not tailored to individual needs. Because closed coffins make it impossible for people to see and say goodbye to their loved ones, they cannot see them and may not say goodbye to them. In funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA that provide closed caskets, you can record these personal touches.

Use Photos

In lieu of opening the casket, you can display photos of loved ones as a form of respect. A photograph of the deceased may also be included in a coffin. The number of photographs you wish to display will determine the size of the coffin. In addition, family members can create collages using photos taken at funerals. The act of attending a memorial service provides closure and comfort to those who attend. Bringing a special touch to the memorial service can make it more meaningful and meaningful. Your friends and family can help you pick the photos or collages you want to see at the memorial ceremony.


The best moments in the video were captured by family members and friends. A video can be produced by combining clips from several sources of video and slideshows containing photographs of the deceased. As visitors watch the video during the funeral service, they can reminisce about the deceased. If someone wants to copy a DVD for their own use, such as in memory of a loved one, they can do so. This is often exactly what people want to do in memory of their deceased loved ones. A person can never go wrong when they wish to have a memory carried on.


A bond between individuals can be strengthened by praise from all present. The process of remembering the deceased can also be enhanced by sharing funny stories. These stories also communicate a message to their recipients that reminds them of all the times they spent withfuneral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA their friends. Other choices include singing, reading, and sharing stories. To avoid having to deal with the entire story, you may want to start this process in advance. Let each person share their feelings so that everyone can come together by shortening the stories.

At funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA, there are several ways you can customize closed casket services. Besides these options, there are several other factors to take into account as well. If you would like to personalize the service, guests and family members are also welcome to make suggestions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The casket doesn’t have to be opened. The arrangements will be handled by our staff. Even if you have to close a funeral service, there are still ways to make it a memorable closed coffin service. Trust us to make it memorable by considering your preference and making sure all the small details are a part of the service.