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Simple Refreshment To Serve At Funeral Homes In Reading, PA

If you are planning a funeral at funeral homes in Reading, PA, and are planning to invite guests to your home or another location for a light meal and refreshments afterward, you may be wondering what you should serve. You want something that is quick and easy and will feed a lot of people without costing a lot of money. Here are some refreshments ideas to consider.


It’s always a good idea to serve drinks as many people will be parched when they leave the funeral home. You can serve coffee, tea, and lemonade, as these drinks are popular, easy to make, and aren’t expensive. You can also offer pitchers of ice water or bottles of water for those who prefer it.


You can serve pre-made sandwiches if you have time to make them, but if not, you can just put out meats, cheeses, bread, and toppings and allow people to make their own sandwiches. This saves you time and gives guests a chance to make their sandwich exactly how they want it. Be sure to include a variety of condiments for them to choose from as well.


Everyone loves sweets, even if you aren’t hungry, it’s hard to resist a fresh cookie or donut. You can buy sweets from your local grocery store or bakery, or you can make them yourself. Just set out a few trays of cookies, cupcakes, or donuts, and let your guests help themselves.


Most people make some sort of tray for large gatherings. You can make a cheese and cracker tray, a relish tray, or even a fruit tray. Most grocery stores have trays available already made, or you can buy everything you need and make your own to save money and have more control over which foods are serves.


Some people won’t want to eat a full meal but will enjoy some light snacks. You can offer things like crackers, chips, pretzels, and various dips, so there is a good variety of snacks and so everyone can snack on the things they want. You can empty the bags into nice bowls to make them look better and add a set of tongs to make serving easier.

If you have recently lost a loved one and are planning a funeral at funeral homes in Reading, PA, the above tips can help you decide which refreshments are the best option to service after the funeral. Guests are likely hungry and thirsty after attending a funeral, so serving refreshments is a way to say thank you to them for paying their respects. If you need help planning a funeral for your loved one or if you are ready to preplan your own funeral, be sure to call Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs and will stay by your side throughout the entire process. Give us a call today to make an appointment to start planning, or stop by our office at your earliest convenience.