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How To Choose Thank You Cards For Cremation Services In Laureldale, PA

In the event that you are intending to send cards to say thanks to the individuals who went to cremation services Laureldale, PA you might be attempting to pick the correct ones for the services. There are a wide range of kinds of cards to say thanks and it can require some investment to sort out which ones are the most ideal option for you. If you need assistance picking the cards to say thanks that are best for you, make certain to remember all these tips and recommendations to make picking the correct ones easy. Here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

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On the off chance that you are considering picking notes to say thanks for your cremation services you might need to be sure to express yourself. You can pick cards that state what you are thinking or feeling, or you can pick cards that are blank so you can fill them in any way you pick. There are a wide range of sorts of notes to say thanks so you may struggle picking the ones that are ideal for you. Ensure you take as much time as necessary and consider what you want the cards to say and what you want your family and friends to know.  

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You probably have a spending limit for the cremation services, and you ought to incorporate the expense of the card to say thanks in that financial plan. This will help guarantee you don’t spend more than you arranged or go over your budget. You need to ensure you are not intending to pay more than expected. You need to ensure that the cards you pick fit every one of your needs and your price range. You can find some that are as of now made or you can discover some that you can make yourself or design yourself. Regardless of what you pick, ensure they are reasonably priced. 

cremation services Laureldale, PA


Numerous individuals like to add pictures or photographs to their cards, and you can decide to do likewise. You can also pick pictures and photographs that are stock or just put some prints in the cards. You can look at the diverse card plans and pick the one that has the pictures you have to use for the services. You have a variety of alternatives and you should pick the pictures that you think best effectively remember your loved one. This can be something special that the loved ones who get them can keep and have with them.  

When you are arranging cremation services Laureldale, PA and you need to send notes to say thanks to your friends and family and companions who came to offer their condolences, make certain to remember the above tips and recommendations. If you need assistance picking the correct cards, be sure to remember the above tips. If you find that you need assistance arranging cremation services, you can contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are here to help with all your cremation planning questions. 

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How To Afford Cremation Services In West Reading, PA

If you have lost a friend or family member and are searching for an affordable way to give them a proper funeralcremation might be the most ideal choice for you. You have a great deal of alternatives so it’s imperative to consider which one is best for you and make your arrangements. If you are stressed over how you will pay for the services, you should remember all of these tips and recommendations to make it simpler for you and your family to bear the cost of the cremation services West Reading, PA 

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Group Funding  

Not every person has a ton of families or the cash to manage the cost of a funeral service somebody dies finally. If you are concerned that you won’t have the option to bear the cost of the administration or find support from the individuals around you, you can find crowdfunding alternatives. Crowdfunding is a route for many individuals to give a bit of cash to put towards a large tab. It’s a typical method to fund-raise for a wide range of causes or pay for something significant and large. It can assist you with finding the cash to give your loved one a pleasant cremation service 

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Credit Cards 

If you don’t have the cash to pay for a cremation upfront, you can get a credit card and make installments. This will permit you to have the services when required and help make it more moderate. On the off chance that you have no other method of making installments on a memorial service or in the event that you don’t have the cash to spend on the memorial service when your cherished one passes, a credit card can be a decent choice to assist you with managing the cost of the services and make installments that work for you to take care of it in an opportune way. This can help you avoid leaving your family with the bill.  

cremation services West Reading, PA


You ought to preplan your burial service at whatever point conceivable to guarantee that you have made your arrangements and can manage the cost of the services you need. You can make your arrangements and pick the special details and you pay your installments on the services while you are yet living. You can decide to take care of the cremation before you pass way or you can just reduce the balance of the services so your family doesn’t have as a large bill to pay when you pass away. This can make the services more moderate for everybody and give you some peace of mind 

At the point when you lose somebody you love you need to figure out how to give them a conscious farewell. One way you can do that is with cremation servicescremation services West Reading, PA are moderate, yet you may at present be stressed over how you will manage the cost of them. The above choices are a couple of proposals that can help. At the point when it comes time to design cremation services, make certain to contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are glad to help with all your cremation planning requires. Simply call us or make a trip to get familiar with our services and every one of your choices. 

cremation services in West Reading, PA

Eulogy Tips For Cremation Services in West Reading, PA

A lot of people feel that cremation services are the best option for a memorial for a deceased loved one. If you are going to cremation services in West Reading, PA for a friend or family member and need to give a tribute to share your storied and recollections of the deceased, you need to be ready to put in some thought and convey your feelings effectively. Here are a few tips that can help you come up with a respectful eulogy for a loved one and present it properly at the cremation service.


You need to rehearse your speech before you read it. You can work on reading it to yourself or you can even glance in the mirror and practice how you will do it at the service. You can also record yourself and listen to make sure it sounds right. You can replay it to help with your memory and make it easy to find things that need changes. The more you practice it, the better you will feel about it and the less nervous you will be when the time comes to give it to a crowd at the service.

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Speak Clearly

You want to make sure the eulogy you have prepared is heard and understood so it’s important to take your time and speak clearly when you read it. You should practice speaking it and make sure you talk slowly and are pronouncing the words correctly. You may feel like you need to cry or break down at some point and if this happens you can take a break and catch your breath before you continue.

Record It

You don’t have to memorize your eulogy. You can also record it on paper or even record yourself saying it and play it at the cremation service. Some people want to give a eulogy but don’t like to talk in front of a crowd or get so nervous that they can’t speak well. If you aren’t sure if you can memorize your eulogy you can write it down and reach it straight from paper or note cards or record it on your phone or another device and play it for the crowd at the cremation service. Don’t stress and worry about speaking in front of a crowd, just do what makes you the most comfortable.

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cremation services in West Reading, PA

Giving a eulogy is a great way to show how much the deceased meant to you and share all your experiences together. It can help make the cremation service more about the life of the deceased and less about their death. If you are looking for some tips to help ensure you can write and deliver your eulogy properly, be sure to keep the above tips in mind. If you are thinking about planning cremation services in West Reading, PA, be sure to reach out to Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral and cremation planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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Common Questions To Ask About Cremation Services In Laureldale, PA

When a loved one passes away, you may need to plan their funeral. You have a lot of options, and cremation is one of them. Cremation services in Laureldale, PA has many benefits, but it may not be the best option for everyone. If you are thinking about cremation services and are wondering if it’s the right option for you, you can bring up your questions to the director at the crematory. Here are a few common questions you may have about cremation services.

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How Long Does Cremation Take?

The cremation can be done very quickly. The actual cremation only takes a few hours. Depending on the types of services you are planning and whether or not you want to have a memorial service, you may want to spend a day making the plans. If you are looking for a quick way to have a funeral for a loved one, cremation can be the best option.

What Happens To The Ashes After Cremation?

When the cremation is complete, the crematorium director will add the ashes to a sealed bag. This bag will keep the ashes safe and can be used to transport them if needed. If you have an urn where you plan to keep and display the ashes, you can have the ashes added to the urn before you leave the crematory. If you are planning to spread the ashes, you can just use the bag or you can add the bag to a temporary urn and then spread them when you arrive at the right area.

Is Cremation Expensive?

No, cremation is very affordable and in most cases is the most affordable option. Your loved one deserves a respectful goodbye, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to make that happen. If you are on a budget or just don’t want to spend a lot of money on the services, you may want to choose cremation. You can have a nice cremation for a fraction of the cost of a traditional funeral.

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Cremation services in Laureldale, PACan I Have A Memorial Service With Cremation?

Yes, if you choose to have a memorial service for your loved one, you may do so. You can choose to either have one before the body is cremated or safe the ashes and display them to have the service after. You can choose to include many different aspects of a traditional funeral in your cremation memorial service if you choose.

When it comes time to choose the right funeral option for a loved one, you have several options. You can choose a traditional funeral or cremation services in Laureldale, PA . You may have some or all fo the questions above about cremation services or you may have other questions that you need to ask. If you want to know more about cremation services, be sure to reach out to the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are happy to help you plan a cremation service for your loved one. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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How Can I Get Help Paying For Cremation Services In Reading, PA

While cremation is a great option for many people because it is affordable, some people still have trouble paying for it. If you are tapped out and need some help paying for cremation services in Reading, PA. There are some options for getting help, so you will still be able to give your loved one the cremation service they deserve. If you are struggling to pay for the funeral and need some financial help, be sure to consider some of these options.

Community Fundraisers

If the people in your community know that you are struggling to come up with a way to pay for the cremation of a loved one, they will often come together to help. They may choose to hose dinners, banquets, or other types of fundraisers where the public pays for food or other things and that money can be used to pay for the cremation service. These fundraisers are usually arranged by the friends of the family or even a church or organization that knows the deceased or their family.

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Crowdfunding is used by a lot of people to help them pay for big expenses. When you use crowdfunding, you are asking people to donate money to you. The point is to get a lot of people to donate so that even a small amount can go a long way. You can do crowdfunding online so it can reach a lot of people and help you raise the money you need quickly. You can choose to set up the crowdfunding account yourself or a friend can set it up for you and make sure you get the money for the funeral when it comes time to pay for it.

State Benefits

In the event that you don’t have enough money to cover a cremation service, the state may pay for it or some of the costs. You will need to apply for these benefits and in most cases, they only cover the costs of a very basic cremation or funeral. If you need help seeing if you qualify for these benefits or applying for them, you can reach out to the funeral home or crematory where you are planning to have the service to see if they can connect you with the right agency or help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you are ready to plan cremation services in Reading, PA but are struggling to be able to pay for them, you do have some options. Cremation is an affordable option, but that doesn’t mean it’s affordable to everyone. If you need help paying for the service, there is help available. When it comes time to plan a cremation, you should reach out to the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our services or to find help paying for your cremation.

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Creative Ideas For Utilizing Cremation Ashes With Cremation Services in Reading, PA

Cremation services in Reading, PA are popular for many reasons. One of those reasons is because there is so much versatility for how you can handle the ashes once the cremation is complete. The Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home assists families with planning all types of cremation memorial services. If you are planning on having a loved one cremated and are looking for creative ideas for the ashes, here are a few to consider.

Cremation Jewelry

If you always want to keep your loved one’s ashes near you, cremation jewelry is a good option. You can find jewelry that is designed to hold a small amount of ashes. Necklaces are the most common, but you can also find earrings, keychains, charm bracelets, and other wearable pieces that look like jewelry and function like small urns. You can even design your own cremation jewelry if desired.

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Traditional Urns

Just because you choose to keep your loved one’s ashes in a traditional urn doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the design. You can find urns that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose an urn that matches your own home décor where the urn will be displayed or you can choose one that matches the personality of your deceased loved one. You can even personalize the urn with a photo, poem, or image of your choice.

Cremation Tattoos

Believe it or not, you can actually have your loved one’s ashes tattooed into your body. This is a new and creative way to keep your loved one with you at all times. The ashes are added to the ink that is injected during the tattoo process. You can choose to have a tattoo that honors your lost loved one or any tattoo you choose can be made more special with the ashes of your loved one.

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Cremation Plants

Many people choose to add the cremated ashes of their loved ones to plants so they can grow in memory of them. You can do this with almost any plant and choose to grow it inside or outside. The ashes are added to the soil with the plant and the plant draws the nutrients it needs from the ashes and the surrounding soil as it grows. Many people also request to have their ashes planted or spread over gardens. You can decide if you want to keep the plants inside or outside.

If you are considering cremation services in Reading, PA, make sure you are aware of the creative ways you can display the ashes. At the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, we are happy to help you with all your cremation needs and are happy to suggest other creative ways to turn your loved one’s ashes into a special keepsake. You can learn more about our services by calling us at (610) 374-0962. You can also stop by our office at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. We are here to help you with your funeral planning needs.

Cremation Services in Reading, PA

Five Benefits of Cremation Services in Reading, PA

When it comes to planning your estate or final wishes, you have a few options. Reading PA cremation is just one of those options. Cremation is a popular choice for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of this service.

Saves Money

One of the reasons many people choose cremation over a burial is also one of the most obvious benefits of this option. Cremation services are an affordable option for anyone who is one a budget, doesn’t have a life insurance policy that covers final expenses or simply doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a funeral. Cremation services do not require any chemicals or embalming fluid, which helps keep the cost low. These services can also be tweaked to be as personal as desired, so you can be sure your loved one still get the memorial service they deserve.


Cremation services are a convenient option, which is another reason many people prefer cremation. Many people do not have the time for a traditional burial. This is especially common for people who have loved ones who live out of town and have limited time for travel arrangements. A cremation can be scheduled fast and the entire process can be completed in just a few days. This still gives the family time to plan for a memorial service and decide who will be responsible for the remains once the cremation is complete.


Choosing the proper cremation plan means fewer decisions and a more straightforward approach. Cremation is simple so there is no need to plan any details. You don’t have to worry about the casket, grave lining, finding a plot, and choosing the right flowers, and clothing for the deceased. Because none of these things are necessary for cremation, you do not have to make a lot of decisions. You can still choose to have a ceremony and incorporate some of the traditional aspects of a funeral while still using cremation services.

Go-Green Option

For those who care about the environment or have gone green to help cut down on pollution and waste. Since cremation doesn’t require chemicals and requires less land use, it’s a better option for the environment. Those who choose cremation can still be buried but may be able to use a small plot. Ashes can also be entombed instead of buried. Many people choose cremation because they feel it is the right way to leave the world and will cause the least amount of damage to the planet.


Although most people think of burials when they think of traditional funerals, you can still choose cremations and have traditional services. The urn with ashes can be displayed at a memorial service much like the body of the deceased. Family members can still pay their respects and you can even choose to have flowers, music, and religious services if desired.

If you are thinking about cremation services in Reading, PA, stop by the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home and learn about your options. We are located at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. You can also call us at (610) 374-0962.

cremation services in Reading, PA

5 Reasons to Consider Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home’s Cremation Services in Reading, PA

When it comes to planning a funeral for yourself or your loved ones, you have several options. One of those options is cremation. Our Reading, PA cremations are ideal for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward process. You and your family can learn about your services and decide together if it’s the right option.

More Affordable

Funerals can be expensive but if you are looking for an affordable way to lay your loved one to rest, cremation is a good option. Cremation doesn’t require any embalming fluid or chemicals, which helps keep the cost down. It’s a more straightforward option that still gives family members the option of a personal experience.

Less Invasive

Some people like the idea of cremation because it’s a less invasive option. Burials require specific chemicals and processes and a lot more planning. Family members choose how their loved ones are dressed, how their hair is styled, and whether or not they wear makeup. Cremation is much faster and simpler and requires less input from the deceased’s family.

Many Options

While cremation services are simpler, that doesn’t; mean memorial services aren’t an option. After cremation, the ashes of a loved one are released to family members who may choose to have a traditional funeral memorial service at the funeral home or another area of their choosing. The ashes can be displayed respectfully so visitors can still show their respects and give their last goodbyes. Families can work with the funeral home to plan the service as desired.

Better for the Environment

Since cremation doesn’t require any embalming fluid or chemicals to be used, it’s a better option for the environments. If the cremation takes place soon enough, there is no need to preserve the body. Many people prefer a more natural process and take pride in knowing that their passing will be natural and quick. Cremation is also ideal for those who live a chemical-free lifestyle and would like to continue to remain chemical-free after their passing.

More Freedom

Many people appreciate the simplicity of a burial and putting their loved on at rest in the family plot or another burial location. Others know that their loved one would prefer something less traditional and may even have wanted their ashes spread in a certain place or places. Cremation allows the family to choose how their deceased loved one’s ashes are handled. They can be taken home, added to an urn or even divided and split into several urns so that each family member can always keep their loved one with them.

If you are considering cremations services, give us a call at the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. You can reach us by phone at (610) 374-0962. You can also stop by the funeral home at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. We can explain the cremation facts and help you decide if it is right for you. We are here for all types of cremation services in Reading, PA.

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Benefits Of Cremation After Funeral Services

As you may have heard, there are a lot of service options that come along with cremation in Reading, PA. If you have already decided to be cremated yourself after you pass on, or you are leaning in that direction for your loved one who has passed on, you then need to decide what kind of services (if any) you would like to have around the cremation.

Some people feel comfortable going with direct cremation. Direct cremation takes place shortly after the person has passed on, once the paperwork is in order. There are no services before the cremation takes place. Families can have as many services after the cremation as they’d like including a memorial service of some kind, an ash scattering, or something else. However, there are benefits to having funeral services first and cremation after. Here are a few to consider.

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First, when you have funeral services before cremation, you generally have a visitation as well. That gives family a chance to see the loved one for a final time in order to say goodbye. They might need to see the body in order to get closure over the situation. It can be a nice time of support as well as family members and even friends and co-workers gather to show their respect.

Second, the ceremony and traditions that go along with regular funerals can help people mourn and move along in their grief. They know what to expect and there’s comfort in that. If the family has never gone through a cremation service before, it might feel awkward to them. You can still be cremated after the funeral service, but the funeral itself can be cathartic for family members.

Third, there are fewer costs with cremation, even if you have a traditional funeral first. You won’t have to purchase a casket, for example, but rather can rent one for the services that take place before. You also won’t have to have a burial plot or headstone, if you don’t want. Those items add up and being cremated after the funeral services can cut back on the necessities.

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The types of services you have around your own cremation, or the cremation of a loved one, are completely up to you. There are benefits either way and no wrong choices. The best you can do is decide what your family needs and what your loved one would have wanted. If you’re planning your own final services in advance, it’s easy enough to know what you want. You’ll want to consider those left behind as well so they can get what they need to move on.

When you are looking into cremation in Reading, PA, contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc at (610) 374-0962 to talk through the various service options that can come either before or after the cremation process. We’re here to help you pre-plan for yourself, or set up final services for a loved one. We’re located at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601 where our funeral director is happy to speak with you.

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How Direct Cremations Can Benefit Reading, PA Residents

There’s possibly no harder thing than planning a funeral. It forces us to confront our mortality and reminds us that we have lost a loved one. However, there are plenty of reasons you will need to think about Reading, PA cremations. If you lose a loved one, for example, you will want to consider that disposition option for them. If you are planning your own funeral, it’s also a valid option to consider.

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There are a number of reasons why people are choosing cremation now more than ever before. Though it’s been around for centuries, it’s more widely accepted today than it has been in the past, especially by religions that weren’t always okay with it over traditional burial ceremonies. But many people are also turning to cremation because they want to avoid the expenses that can come with traditional funerals. While traditional burials and cremation both give a person honor and respect, cremation includes less services and it, therefore, generally less costly.

With cremation, you don’t have to have a casket, a burial plot, a headstone, or other such items. That cuts back on what you have to spend a great deal. But you also don’t have to worry about being limited in services, which is a huge benefit that comes with cremation. In fact, when you choose cremation, the service options are virtually unlimited. You can have a memorial service in a church or funeral home or you can have a celebration of life in someone’s house or in a park. Whatever you want to do can be done with no limits on time, location, or anything else.

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Direct cremation is a bit different than other forms as it occurs soon after death. But it doesn’t limit you in the services you can have later, if you wish to do so. It just doesn’t allow you to have a visitation or any other type of service beforehand. Since it happens fast, you will want to be sure it is what you want. Cremation is not reversible and your decision needs to be concrete and final. Take some time to think about the options before you make a final decision. You want to be certain in the case of a loved one or if you are pre-planning your own services. Talk to family members and friends that will be included in any memorials to see how they feel about the process. Those around you are important as well and need to be considered.

Whatever you decide, it’s best to talk to a professional so you can ask questions, get details, and have all of the information you need laid out before you. Should you have any questions about Reading, PA cremations, don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Bean of the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. With decades of experience in serving Pennsylvania families at this vulnerable time, he’ll answer whatever questions you have with caring and professionalism. Contact him by calling (610) 374-0962. The Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home is located at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601.