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The Advantages Of Local Cremation

There are more choices for Reading, PA cremation today than ever before because cremation has risen in popularity. When it comes to traditional burial versus cremation, approximately half choose one and the other half go for the other. Cremation has been around for thousands of years, but it’s more popular today because it is less expensive and comes with more options. While there are plenty of crematories to help with the cremation process, there are advantages to keeping the process local with your nearby funeral home. Here are a few for you to consider:

Your Loved One Is Always Nearby

When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to recognize that they are no longer going to be in your life. While that it tough enough, your anxiety over the situation could get worse if your loved one is transported somewhere farther away for the cremation process. Keeping them in a nearby funeral home until the paperwork is ready will often give families peace of mind since they know their loved one is close by at all times.

More Service Options

When you stick with a local funeral home for your loved one’s cremation, you also have other service options at your fingertips, if you wish to utilize them. You could, for example, have a memorial service after the cremation is complete or you could put cremation off a few days and host a full funeral before the process takes place. You have the options to consider and since the funeral home is right there, it makes taking advantage of the options that much easier.

In Person Meetings

When you organize a cremation with a local funeral home, you get to meet the people who are in charge of the process in person. You can visit the funeral home first and see how they operate. Many offer tours of their crematories so you can see exactly how things take place and where your loved one will be kept until their cremation is prepared. If you have any questions, you have someone to call and you’re always welcome to stop by and ask those in person as well. Plus, if you do have any services before or after the cremation, having a local funeral home to hold those for you is a huge advantage.

When you are ready to talk about cremations in Reading, PA with local professionals, contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home by calling (610) 374-0962. We’re here to help you through this difficult time with all of the support and compassion you need. We understand grief in its many different forms, and we will give you everything you need to relieve as many planning burdens from your shoulders as possible. You can set up a time to speak to our funeral director and then visit us at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601 to make sure we have the space and facilities you need to honor your loved one in the way you see fit.

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