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The Transparency Of Funeral Homes

When you have to work with a funeral home in Reading, PA, you probably have a lot of emotions. If you are planning your own funeral, it’s hard enough to think about your own death. If you’re planning services for someone who has recently passed on, that’s even harder. The last thing you need is a funeral home that is tricky and wishy washy about anything. Funeral homes are supposed to be transparent about their services and a number of other things. Here are some places to watch for transparency as you work alongside a funeral home.


Every funeral home is going to have a variety of services they offer. You need to know exactly what those services are and what they entail. They should be able to provide you with a detailed list of services that tell you exactly what each service includes. They will also likely have a list of packages you could choose and if you want, customize. You should know just what you are getting with the services you pick.


Every service a funeral home provides should come with a price. There shouldn’t be any extras or hidden fees later. If the package you choose includes transportation to the funeral home from the place of death, that should be listed with a transparent price. Prices can vary for certain things, like caskets or urns, but the basic services, like cremation itself, should have a price listed. You will get an item by item final list to approve once you pick and choose what you need.


One of the most important things you can get from a funeral home is compassion throughout the process. It’s good to work with people who deal with death on a regular basis. They know how to work with people who are grieving and how to speak to you in a compassionate manner. People who work in this business generally feel it is more of a calling than a career. They have a soft spot for those in grief and you will see that in no uncertain terms.


You might want to plan out every detail of the service yourself or you might want the funeral home to take care of the small things so you don’t have to worry about them. Either way, you have a right to know exactly what’s taking place with the details at all times. That transparency can really give you peace of mind.

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