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Tips For Writing An Obituary For Cremation Services in Reading, PA

If you are planning on arranging cremation services in Reading, PA, you will likely want to create and release an obituary for the deceased. An obituary is a way to announce the death of a person and also give a short description of their life and accomplishments. It can mention family members and friends and share the details of the cremation services or funeral. In most cases, family members write obituaries for their loved ones. In some cases, the funeral home will do it instead. If you are planning on writing an obituary for your loved one, here are some tips to ensure it includes all the necessary information.

Check With Your Paper

If you plan to share the obituary with the local newspaper, it’s a good idea to see if they have any requirements or limitations for the obituary. Some will only print them on certain days, require them to be a certain word length, and may or may not allow photos to be published with them. If you want to make sure your obituary is published without any problems, you will need to make sure it fits the requirements of the newspaper before you write it or send it in.


An obituary is like a short biography. It should share important information about the deceased’s life. Some things to consider are special awards, military service, career or job details, and any professional or personal milestone or achievements that the deceased was proud of. You can also include information about where the deceased was born, lived, and died.

Acknowledging Family

It’s common to include the names of people who were directly related to the deceased. Immediate family members both alive and deceased can be mentioned. It is also okay to mention special friends and even pets. Think about the people who were closest to the deceased and try to include them if possible. You can also ask your loved ones if they feel they should be included or if they would like to be. If you don’t want to name each person individually, you can instead reference a number of children, grandchildren, or other relatives.

Service Details

The obituary should include information about the service. You will want to make sure it shares the date, time and location of the services. If you are accepting flowers or other gifts, you can include that. You can also share information about your plans after the funeral. Many people choose to have a dinner or refreshments after the service. You can add the details of these plans as well.

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