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Avoid a Huge Burden by Preplanning with Reading, PA Funeral Homes

Most people avoid thinking about funerals, much less planning for them. This is an understandable response, since doing so forces us to confront one of several unpleasant realities. It makes us come to terms with our age, makes us believe we may be departing our families soon, or forces us to come to terms with the fact that we may lose a loved one soon. Nevertheless, the stakes are high, and you can’t afford to not preplan for this eventuality with Reading, PA funeral homes.

Failing to preplan may leave your family shortchanged at a time when stress is already elevated, to say the least. The last thing that you should want is for your family to be unprepared for a funeral, to be caught off guard by a death, and then not know what to do. It’s stressful to lose a loved one and have to plan a funeral, guessing at what they would have wanted. It can be even more stressful if the family doesn’t have the money lined up to pay for the services they want to include.

This is because traditional funerals have a myriad of different costs which add up to something far more substantial. These include the cost of the funeral service itself, amenities for attendees, embalming fees, a casket, a burial plot, a gravestone, and other associated expenses. Some or all of these expenses can be avoided through a cremation service, which is part of the reason why preplanning a funeral is so vital to avoid placing burdens on your family.

You need to know what you want out of a funeral and that takes thought in advance. No one likes thinking about their death and what they want to happen after it, but it’s a real gift you can give your family when your time comes. By preplanning, you’ll begin to figure out your financial and emotional needs. If saving money is your priority, you should look at the different cremation services available. If you and your family prefer a traditional ceremony, you should begin planning for the procedures involved. It’s also possible for you to have a traditional service and then a cremation instead of a burial.

After you and your family discuss your priorities for a funeral, such as the kind of service you want and how much you’re willing to spend, you can contact the funeral home of your choice and discuss how you can make concrete arrangements, giving your family some breathing room in the aftermath of a death. This will be done with the creation of a contract between you and the funeral home, which is sometimes called a preneed contract.

You should never agree to a preneed contract without a preliminary discussion with an experienced funeral director. Should you have any questions about Reading funeral homes, don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Bean of the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. Call us at (610) 374-0962 to set up a time to visit with us in person. You can come see our facilities at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601 to see if they suit your needs and to ask your questions.

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How Can You Choose Reading, PA Cremations?

Traditional funerals are very expensive, with costs averaging about $7,000 in the United States. For this reason, cremations have become more popular since early 2000s. Between 2002 and 2017, the national cremation rate has doubled, and Reading, PA cremations have followed along with that trend. However, if you’ve decided to plan for a cremation in the aftermath of a death, or if you’re just thinking about it, where should you turn to? How can you choose a proper crematory?

There are three basic ways that you can arrange for a cremation. While all three will provide the same product, it might be best for you to choose the provider which most closely aligns with the kind of funeral you and your family might wish to have.

If you’ve decided to seek a traditional funeral ceremony before the body of the deceased is cremated, it might be wise for you to contact a proper funeral home. Most funeral homes do cremations. The staff can walk you through the process of the funeral itself and then the cremation afterwards. Each expense will be transparently detailed to you, as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you decide to have a cremation that follows a funeral service at a traditional funeral home, you won’t need to purchase a casket, but can instead rent one only for the ceremony. The cremation of the body can occur in a simple wooden container.

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If you prefer to not have a funeral service before the actual cremation itself, you may be looking for a direct cremation, where the body is cremated shortly after death. For this purpose, you may prefer to go to a cremation society, which specializes in cremations. It’s worth noting that cremation societies can help you plan with a memorial service if you seek additional funerary procedures. You need not eschew a cremation society if you plan on something other than a direct cremation.

The third kind of cremation provider is an online arrangement company. However, you need to be aware that these arrangement services aren’t available in all localities and are the least personal of the three options. They’re the least expensive choice, and are staffed with licensed funeral directors, but if you’re looking for personalized, empathetic service, one of the other options may be superior. You should never choose a cremation provider based solely on the price! You need to do the proper due diligence on your provider’s reputation before you enter any kind of arrangement.

You should also always consult with a licensed funeral director before you move forward on Reading, PA cremations. If you have any questions about your cremation options, please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Bean of the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. With decades of experience in serving Pennsylvania families at this vulnerable time, he’ll answer whatever questions you have with caring and professionalism. You can contact him by calling (610) 374-0962. The Whelan Schwartz Home can be found at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601.

Reading, PA Cremations

What Families Should Know About Reading, PA Cremations

More and more families around the country are choosing cremation. Last year, the cremation rate exceeded 50% nationwide for the first time, and Reading, PA Cremations are in line with that number. According to the Cremation Association of North America, about 40% to 50% of deaths in Pennsylvania are cremated, which is a sharp uptick from the early 2000’s. Cremations have increased so much in popularity over the past two decades because they’re less expensive than a traditional funeral. To avoid larger expenses and to gain access to more versatility in services, more people are turning to cremation. If you’re thinking about a cremation service, however, where should you begin?

The following will answer common questions about the kinds of cremation providers and services available.

You can arrange for a cremation by contacting a traditional funeral home, a cremation society, or an online arrangement service. The latter option isn’t as personal as the other two and isn’t available everywhere, but arrangement services are all staffed with professional funeral directors. Arrangement services are also the least expensive of the three options.

The type of provider you should contact may depend on what kind of cremation you wish to have. There are two basic types of cremation services. The first is called a direct cremation, where the body is cremated shortly after death and before any kind of funeral or memorial service has taken place. The second kind of cremation service is more in line with a traditional funeral. If they so choose, families can have a funeral service along traditional lines, such as a wake where the body is viewed, a eulogy with family and friends in a funeral home or church, and then a burial. Either way, both will be less expensive than a full, traditional funeral.

The reason cremations are less expensive is because they permit families to avoid some or all of the expenses associated with a traditional funeral service, such as a casket, a gravestone, a burial plot, and embalming fees. A direct cremation avoids all of these expenses while a creation which follows a funeral service will avoid some of them. For example, if you decide to hold a cremation which follows a wake and eulogy service, you can avoid paying for a casket, because you’ll be able to rent one for the service, instead of buying one to contain the body for burial afterward.

When thinking about Reading, PA cremations, contact Kevin Bean of the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. We can go over a variety of packages with you and see what suits your needs best. There are no right or wrong answers about the decisions you have to make. Anything you choose will honor your loved one with respect. You simply have to make an informed decision as to what is best for your family. Give us a call at (610) 374-0962. The Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home can be found at 444 N 9th St. Reading, PA 19601 and we welcome you to stop by and see our facilities.

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Preparing For Cremation Services

Have you ever been to a Reading, PA cremation service before? If not, you may not know what to expect if you get invited to one when a friend loses a loved one. You want to be prepared so you aren’t nervous about it. Your friend has enough going on without worrying about you, right? Here are some tips to help you prepare for the cremation service you are about to attend.

Read Up On Cremation

You’ve likely been to funerals before, but cremation services can be different. They can also be very similar. Read up about the different types of cremation services so you know what various things to expect. The memorial service could feel a lot like a funeral or it could be more light-hearted and more of a celebration of life. The more you understand about the options, the better off you’ll be when the day arrives.

Talk To A Funeral Home

Funeral home staff members are experts in the field and they understand you don’t know nearly as much about cremation as they do. They are happy to talk to you about the process and what you can expect as a cremation service. They want to help people put together final services, but they also want to help you support your friend in any way you can.

Find Out The Service Style

If there’s an easy way you can find out what the cremation service’s style will be, you should do so. With any luck, it will be evident from the obituary or however you received your invitation. Perhaps your friend called and invited you to the ‘celebration of life’ or maybe they called it a funeral, which says a lot about what will happen as well. If you aren’t sure what you are walking into, ask your friend, if you feel comfortable, or contact someone more distant in the family to find out. You want to wear the proper clothing, bring the proper gift, and act in an appropriate manner all the way around, which you can only do if you know what that manner is.

Think About Memories

If you knew the person who passed on, think about them and prepare some memories about them that you could share with your friend. You may not do so at the service, as there will be a lot of other things going on. But you might also get the opportunity and you want to be ready with something meaningful if you have something to share.

If you still don’t feel ready to visit your friend at the Reading, PA cremation service for their loved one, contact Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc. by calling (610) 374-0962. We’ll walk you through the details so you understand as much as you need to know about the process. You can also visit us in person at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. And please do keep us in mind if you ever have a need for final services for your own family or if you want to pre-plan your own services.