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Reusing Funeral Flowers

In the event that you are intending to have a memorial service at funeral homes in West Reading, PA , you might be hoping to get a ton of flowers. Many individuals decide to send flowers as a method for sharing their sympathy or paying their condolences. Flowers can make a burial service more beautiful, however it tends to be difficult to tell how to manage every one of the flowers when the services are finished. There are many unique ways to reuse your memorial service flowers. Here are the absolute most ideal choices.

Dry Them

To ensure your flowers look nice for a long time, you should find a way to dry them. You can do this by setting them in a dry area or just squeezing them between the pages of a book for a considerable length of time. When the flowers are totally dry you can add them to a craft or use them in a different way that works for you. You can show them in your home or even use them to adorn the tombstone at a burial ground or the place where you plan to keep your urn. Dried flowers may last seemingly forever as long as they are taken care of properly.

Make A Memorial Garden

On the off chance that you get flowers that are not cut, you might have the option to establish them in a remembrance garden for your loved one. Some individuals may decide to send flowers that return each year. You can establish these in a little flowerbed and when they bounce back every year, you will be able to remember your loved one. A considerable amount of these flowers will likewise duplicate as they grow back every year so your nursery will become bigger and more beautiful with each season.

Make Jewelry

It’s also possible for you to transform your flowers into beads and afterward use them to make wonderful bits of jewelry in memory of the deceased. If you have a good amount of beads, you can offer the adornments as gifts to your relatives and companions who might be feeling thefuneral homes in West Reading, PA loss of your cherished one also and who might need to have something that permits them to feel near the deceased. You could make customized pieces that help you to remember something your cherished one would have made or worn. You can find the instructions for making these adornments on Pinterest and other websites.

Assuming that you are intending to have a memorial service at funeral homes in West Reading, PA and you are thinking about how you can save the flowers after the funeral is finished, there are numerous approaches to reuse them. The tips above will permit you to use the flowers so you don’t simply need to discard them. You might decide to create something with the flowers that you can save for yourself or you can give them to relatives and companions who might enjoy something that they can keep with them in memory of the deceased. Assuming that you want assistance making your memorial service plans, be sure to reach out to us for help.

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Natural Ways To Remember Your Loved One At Funeral Homes In Muhlenberg Township, PA

Assuming that you have lost a friend or family member, one thing you can do is focus on remembering the good things about them and not just their death. There are numerous things you might want to do, and to accomplish something that involves nature and the outdoors that is also safe for the environment, you may be wondering about your options. You can do it with other relatives and companions or plan these unique functions on your own. Your loved one deserves a decent goodbye at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA and there are numerous things you can do after the services that will make it possible for everyone to join in.

Release Birds

If you want to do something special but also fairly simple for your loved one, releasing birds in theri memory can be a good option. At the point when you release a pigeon or another bird, it’s not just an extraordinary show, it can be a true tribute to your loved one. It’s likewise an indication of harmony. Birds traveling to the sky will remind you that your cherished one is also soaring high above you and in a better place. You can observe pigeons and doves that you can release with family and friends.

Seed Packets

Seed bundles are not difficult to deliver and they are affordable. You can likewise make them yourself. They are little and can be effortlessly given to anybody who comes into the services. They can take plant seeds home and plant them in their own nursery or garden. Once the flowers bloom, they will be a symbol of your loved one and something to look at and remember them by.

Memory Tree

Assuming you need an enduring memory that is delightful and special and also want to allow others to participate in it, you might need to consider creating a memory tree. You can gatherfuneral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA your loved ones at your favorite location and say a couple of words while planting the tree. You can see it developing and can think about all the great times you had with your loved one. You can likewise add designs and unique things to the memory tree as it develops and welcome relatives to do likewise. You can even plant other things in their memory as well.

When you are arranging a burial service for a friend or family member and you need to do something uniquely amazing to keep their memory alive, there are a few things you can do. Picking something normal and safe for the planet is generally a decent choice. In the event that you want assistance arranging your memorial service, contact us. We will be eager to assist you with all parts of funeral and cremation planning and ensure everything is going just the way you want it at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA. Call us today to find more about all the ways we can help you plan a service that is special and respectful.

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Why Are Services At Funeral Homes In Laureldale, PA Important?

Losing a friend or family member is difficult and many individuals wonder if their loved one would have wanted a funeral or would prefer to keep things low key. Assuming you are uncertain whether you ought to have a funeral service at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA for your loved one or you figure your deceased loved one doesn’t need a burial service, make certain to think about a portion of these points that can help you see that a funeral is not only proper but also necessary. A memorial service can be a significant step in the grieving system and why it is something you ought to host for your loved one. Here are some reasons why a funeral can be a good idea.

Get Closure

At the point when you lose somebody you love, it can be hard to accept it. If you don’t see your loved one’s body, you may not come to the truth with the fact that they are gone. Memorial services will assist you with the understanding that your loved one has passed on and will make it easier for you to grieve properly and get over the loss. You can pick a straightforward memorial service, one that is short or something significant and really extravagant. You have various different funeral themes and options to choose from so you can easily find something that is personal and special.

Catch Up With Relatives

In the event that you have family members that you don’t converse with regularly or don’t get to see often, you may want to take advantage of your time with them at funeral services. Losing a friend or family member is always hard and having your family close to you might help you get through it. You can get close to family members who will be there to comfort you while you manage the death of a friend or family member or converse with somebody with similar sentiments as you. Being able to lean on your family members for help and comfort can make things much easier for you.

Celebration Of Life

You can make a funeral service more about the life of your loved one than just their death. You can decide to make the service special with personal items, shared stories, and photos. Think about everything they did and every one of the special times you had with them. You can sharefuneral homes in Laureldale, PA these special times at the memorial service and make it a more special occasion for loved ones who will be attending.. You can welcome everybody to share their stories of your loved one and celebrate their life. It will assist everybody with feeling better about the loss and thinking of good times.

Assuming you are prepared to plan a memorial service at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA, but you need to ensure that this is the most ideal decision for your loved one and your family members, you can concoct various ways of saying your last goodbye, regardless of whether your deceased loved one has said they don’t want one, you can still choose to have one for those still living. If you want assistance arranging a memorial service, you can get in touch with us. We are here to work with you to assist you with arranging anything you need. Call us today and start planning your services.

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What Paperwork Is Needed For Funeral Homes In West Reading, PA?

When you are trying to plan a service at funeral homes in West Reading, PA you want to make sure everything is in order. There are a lot of little details to consider but you also have to think about all the small things like paperwork. Many people don’t realize that there is a lot of paperwork and documents that need to be completed. If you want to make sure your funeral plans are in order at all times, be sure to remember to complete these documents.

Cemetery Documents

When you have a traditional funeral and bury your loved one, you need to choose the cemetery and the plot you want to buy. Some people already own cemetery plots or have family cemetery plots. If you have documentation that shows your loved one already owns a burial location and wants to be buried there. If you need to buy a plot for your loved one, the cemetery will have the right paperwork and will help you complete it to ensure your loved one gets buried in the right place.

Funeral Plans

In the event that your loved one had made arrangements of their own and you need to ensure it is all on record, you should figure out how to get those records to the funeral home. This data might be on record with a lawyer or estate planner, or you might have even written down certain notes while conversing with them. You can work with the staff at the funeral home to think of the most effective way to make those plans conceivable. You might incorporate your own arrangements that you want to make a part of the funeral service as well. You can even include your family members in your plans.

Death Certificate

There are many papers that you will have to complete to get a death certificate. This is needed so insurance companies can release any funds that may be in the deceased insurance policy that will pay for the funeral. Many people have funeral insurance that covers the cost of their plans and you will want to get those benefits so you can afford to give them a funeral they want and deserve. Another reason to get a death certificate is for legal reasons and even historicalfuneral homes in West Reading, PA reasons. This process isn’t a long one but you do need to make sure the information you put on these documents is accurate.

Assuming you mean to have funeral homes in West Reading, PA, and you are stressed over all the desk work you need to do, make certain to consider the documents mentioned above. You could even have others that need finished. If you are worried about the types of paperwork you will need to complete and you want to make sure you don’t miss any or do anything incorrectly, you will want to reach out to us for help. We can help you complete it and make other plans for the perfect funeral service.

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Planning A Service At Parks Instead Of Funeral Homes In West Reading, PA

Assuming you are thinking about where you can plan a burial service for a friend or family member, you might imagine that a recreational area would be a decent decision. The parks are roomy and you can have an outside service so you can partake in the sunlight and hints of nature. Assuming you like to partake in the outside or want to do the services in a specific park, this can be an extraordinary decision. You can have funeral homes in West Reading, PA assist you with your outdoor funeral plans. Here are a few hints to assist you with making your arrangements somewhat more unique and guarantee they go the manner in which you need them.

Let The Funeral Home Help You

Regardless of whether you believe that arranging a burial service outside in the recreation area can be something simple or not, you may need some help planning it.. There are many little special things you may want to do and consider before you begin making your arrangements. The memorial service director will assist you with getting everything in order to help make the planning process a little easier for you. They can likewise help you decide if you need to rent any chairs, flowers, lighting, or anything else that may make the funeral traditional.

Make sure To Check The Weather

The recreation area can be a lovely spot for a burial service, however in the event that the weather conditions aren’t what you need them to be, it very well may be a catastrophe. You should continuously watch the radar and have a plan in case it ends up raining or may even be too hot. You may even want to rent tents for shelter.

Park Visitors

Assuming you are arranging a burial service for a friend or family member, you most likely need the assistance to be pretty much as private as could be expected. That may not be something that you can do in a recreational area. Most people will try to be quiet and avoid interrupting your funeral services but some will not be so respectful. You will probably hear more and see afuneral homes in West Reading, PA greater number of individuals around you and the service could be interrupted at times. Let your guests know this is a possibility so they are not surprised.

In the event that you are arranging a memorial service for a friend or family member, one of the primary things you need to do is conclude where you will have the funeral. In the event that you choose to be outside, a recreation area can be a decent decision. If you have a burial service in the recreation area, there are numerous things to think about and consider. You can work with funeral homes in West Reading, PA to find the right way to plan a funeral service in a public location.. If you need help making your plans, be sure to reach out to us for help and to learn more about our services.

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Planning A Funeral In A Pandemic

If you are planning to get funeral services planned in the middle of the epidemic, you also want to think about all the ways you can keep guests safe and make it easier for them to keep their social distance, while also attending the services at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA. Here are some points that you need to consider when you are planning a funeral service and are hoping to keep guests healthy while allowing them to say their final goodbyes.

Require Masks

Ask guests to bring their wearable masks, although you might worry what your guest might think because you tell them what to do or want to wear masks, you need to ensure that all guests are healthy and that you are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone who attends. You can ask them to bring their masks or when they enter the funeral home, you can give them disposable masks. You can tell your guests that the makes are required and they should wear their masks and to keep themselves healthy as well as other guests who want to attend the funeral service.

Move The Chairs

Most people will understand the need for space, there are options in the way you position the funeral chairs, so everyone will be at least 6 feet apart. You can cooperate with the funeral director and staff to come up with a way to move the chairs to keep everyone far enough apart but to also keep the funeral feeling personal and safe. It allows everyone to sit together and be close to each other, while they are still spaced enough to prevent the release of viruses or diseases in the air. You can also remind guests that they should not move the chairs any closer.

Stream It

If you are afraid to invite a lot of guests to the funeral service, you can always invite your close family, then focus on streaming or recording the services for those who can’t be therefuneral homes in Laureldale, PA physically, Everyone may hope to attend the services and have a chance to say goodbye in person, but that might not be possible. You can stream online through social media or find a way to host it, so your guests can pay their respect to the deceased. You can also take photos at the service so you can send them to your loved ones and let them feel like they are a part of it.

It can be difficult for someone to plan a funeral service during the epidemic and one of the things you should think about is how you can allow everyone in the funeral home while still keeping them safe. The above suggestions are only a few of your options for planning funeral services at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA. When you are ready to schedule a funeral service, you need to make sure you reach out to us for assistance. We are pleased to help you with all planning needs for the funerals You give us a chance to make the planning process easy for you.

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Ways To Add Sunflowers To Funeral Services

If it’s time to plan the funeral services for a family member, you want to have personal and special details about the services. One of the ways you can do this is to use some of the things they like as decor for the services. This can sometimes be difficult, but if they happened to like sunflowers, there are many ways to add them to services at funeral homes in West Reading, PA so you can pay your respects to your loved one and know that their personality is being highlighted and the services are more special and unique.


If a family member has many sunflower clothes and you believe that they might want to be buried with sunflower clothing you can choose the ideal outfit as a means of integrating sunflower. You can also decide if you want to wear sunflower clothing yourself and even ask your guests if they would be willing to do the same to make sure the theme is clear. You can even buy sunflowers and pin them on all your guests. This is a good alternative to anyone who does not have sunflower clothes but still wants to wear something to match the theme to the services.

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements are one of the easiest ways to add sunflowers to funeral services. You can decide to do a sunflower arrangement or you can add other types of flowers to the arrangement and make sunflowers the parts that stand out or are the most noticeable. You can also add sunflowers as funeral decorations. When one of your loved ones is buried, you can choose to grow sunflowers or them for the funeral. Local florists can help you come up with ways to use sunflowers in your flower arrangements. If you have an idea, you can take pictures and see if they can make it something similar.


You can always use sunflowers in images that you choose to display at the funeral home.funeral homes in West Reading, PA Perhaps you want to use the real pictures of the sunflower or just use cartoons or artwork and sunflower photos on things like your memory cards or even the casket liner. No small details have to be ignored and you can add sunflowers to every aspect of the funeral service if you choose. You can be creative and even print your favorite photos and use them in the services or hand them out to guests.

If you intend to have a funeral for one of your family members and hope to find a way that makes them distinct and personal, you may want to think of the type of decoration you want. If your loved one enjoyed sunflowers, you may use them in your service. The above suggestions are some options to keep in mind when making your plans. If you need help or are ready to make funeral arrangements at funeral homes in West Reading, PA, make sure you reach out to Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc. We are here to help with all your funeral plans.

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Where To Get A Memorial Wreath

If you want to send the perfect gift for a funeral service, a memorial wreath might be the best option. You may think they are less common than other types of flower arrangements and might be difficult to find. If you are trying to find the best place to buy a memorial wreath be sure to consider some of these options to make ordering one for funeral services at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA much easier.

Make It

One of the easiest ways to find a wreath that will meet your needs is to simply make it yourself. You can do this by finding the craft supplies from your local store and making it to meet your exact preferences and needs. You can even find wreaths that are premade and then work some embellishments and decorations into it. You can really make it personal and put some special touches on it to ensure it speaks to your loved one’s personality. You can even work on it with other family members so they can add some of their own personal touches to make it special for your loved one.


Many florists are happy to make memorial wreaths. They are more common than most people realize so there’s a good chance they will have everything on hand and not have to take time to order it. Your florist will listen to your requests and make a wreath that meets your needs and matches everything you want. You can have them deliver it to the funeral home for you or you can pick it up and take it yourself. When you order one from a florist you can rest assured it will be done right and ready when you need it.

Order Online

If you don’t have a local florist or if you aren’t sure if you can find one anywhere nearby, you can always order your wreath online. You will be able to shop at online flower shops or you may be able to find someone who will make it for you and customize it to meet your needs. When youfuneral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA order online make sure you allow plenty of time to get the order to your home or have it shipped to the funeral home so it will be there for the service.

If you are planning to have a funeral service for a loved one and you need to come up with a really nice memorial gift, a wreath can be a good option to consider. Memorial wreaths are nice because they can be used at the funeral home and at the cemetery too. Your loved one can even take it home with them and display it in their own home to remember the deceased and your thoughtfulness. If you are ready to start planning a funeral service at funeral homes in Muhlenberg Township, PA and need some help, be sure to reach out to Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are happy to assist you with your plans and ensure your loved one’s funeral goes as planned.

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Should You Serve Alcohol At A Funeral?

If you are planning a funeral service you might be thinking about all the refreshments you will serve there. It’s a nice idea to serve different things and one to consider is alcohol. Not everyone will think alcohol is right for their funeral service but there are a few situations where it could be a good option. Here are some things to think about when you are planning a funeral service at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA.

Having A Toast

If you are going to be having a toast you might decide that you would like to have alcoholic drinks for it. This can be nice and make the service seem more sophisticated. For guests that don’t drink alcohol, you can serve other drinks. If you are going to have a toast with alcohol, it’s a good idea to choose something that doesn’t have a high alcohol content so your guests will not get tipsy but will still be able to enjoy a drink with the toast. Also be sure to put in some effort

Change The Mood

You might decide that you want to make sure the funeral service isn’t necessarily sad but more about celebrating the life of the deceased. In this case, you might want to lighten the mood by offering some drinks. This can also bring people closer together and cause them to stay at the funeral a little longer. If you know you want to have alcohol but don’t think it’s a good idea to serve it at the funeral home, you might decide to plan a reception elsewhere and invite your guests to meet you there after the funeral is over.

Refreshment Options

Most people plan to offer some type of refreshments to their guests at a funeral home and if your guests like to drink, it might be a nice idea to offer some alcohol. You can make a small bar or just have the drinks ready to be self-served. You may also like to ask someone who is a friend to serve the drinks so you won’t have to worry about your guests getting carried away or running out of a drink before everyone has a chance to have some. You can even hire a bartender if you want to make things easier and ensure the alcohol consumption doesn’t get out of hand.

When you are planning a funeral service for a loved one, there are a lot of different things to consider. One of those things is the type of drinks you will serve. If you are planning to serve alcohol, you will want to keep the above suggestions and ideas in mind. If you need some help working out the other details of a funeral at funeral homes in Laureldale, PA, be sure to reach out to Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc. We are here to help with all your plans, give us a call or stop by and learn more about our services.

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What Can Be Added To Cremation Remains?

Choosing to have cremation services in West Reading, PA is a smart choice and can help you give your loved one the right type of funeral service. If you are wondering what you can add to the cremation ashes of a loved one, you have a lot of options. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your plans for cremation and when choosing how to handle the ashes of your deceased loved one. When you are working on your plans for a funeral service, be sure to keep some of these tips in mind.


Jewelry can be left on a deceased loved one and cremated with them. Some people request to be cremated with their jewelry, especially if it was something they wore often or was something that meant something to them. If you gifted the deceased any jewelry and would prefer they be cremated with it, that’s an option. You will just need to tell the crematory that you want the jewelry cremated with them and kept with the ashes. Some types of jewelry may be harder to cremate than others. You can also choose not to cremate the jewelry, but add it to the urn when the ashes are inside.


If you have special photos of the deceased that you know they loved or cared about or if you simply want to add some photos to the ashes. The photos will easily be turned to ashes with the body so you can mix them up in the ashes and spread them or keep them in an urn. You can add as many photos as you choose. You can also encourage other family members to contribute photos to the cremation service so you can rest assured that all their memories are left with them.


Some people don’t like the thought of having their loved one buried in clothing and others would prefer they be buried in something and not in the nude. You can decide how you feelfuneral homes in West Reading, PA about your loved one being cremated in clothing or more naturally. If you do decide that you want them to wear clothing you can pick out an outfit that you like for them and have them cremated in it. If you plan to have a viewing before you have the cremation, this can be the same outfit you choose for them to wear at the viewing too.

If you are planning cremation services in West Reading, PA, and are trying to decide what you can add to the cremation ashes of a deceased loved one, be sure to keep some of these things in mind. You can also choose not to add anything and just keep the ashes by themselves. If you are ready to make plans for cremation services and you need some help, be sure to reach out to the Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.. We are here to help with all aspects of your cremation planning. Stop by or call today to learn more about our services.