Funeral home in Reading, PA

Funeral Homes Suggest Details

Dealing with the death of a loved one is quite a chore. Not only are you grieving and trying to figure out to move on into a new normal, but you also likely have to organize final services with a Funeral home in Reading, PA. There are many benefits of working with a reputable funeral home. These professionals have been through final services many times over and they know just how to help those who are going through it now, even if you’ve never organized a service before. Funeral homes understand that you don’t know the ins and outs of final services and they are there to make suggestions for you so you can move forward with just the right services for your family.

The Initial Service Type

While no funeral home should ever make decisions for you, they can definitely give you suggestions and lay out options for you. The first decision you will have to make is whether your loved one will be traditionally buried or cremated. If you aren’t sure which way to go, listen to the options carefully as the funeral home shows you the differences. They might ask about your family beliefs and feelings about one or the other to help guide you in the correct way for your situation. Once you decide on one, they can carry out the details you want to put into place.

Memorial Services

If you go with traditional burial, the funeral will likely go in a certain manner, as is traditional. However, cremation opens the door to a lot of other options and you may not know what type of memorial service you want to have. The funeral home can suggest options they have seen families utilize in the past to see what might fit your circumstances. Some memorial services operate much like a funeral, only with an urn instead of the casket. Others are more informal and more celebrations of life. There are also services that are casual and take place in a park during an ash scattering or in someone’s home for a meal and a time of sharing memories. Their ideas can help you decide what’s right for your family.

The Little Details

Once you make the big decisions about the services, you may not even want to deal with the little details and that’s okay. Your funeral home can provide ideas or even just take care of things for you without a second thought.

If you are dealing with a family death, the Reading, PA funeral home you choose can be there for you every step of the way. While the professionals should never make any decisions for you, or even push you in any direction over another, they are there to provide you with the options so you can have the support you need to make informed decisions. Call Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc at (610) 374-0962 or visit us at 444 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19601. We’re here to help with details and ideas in whatever stage of planning you might be in.